Welcome to Our World


The journey of life has taken me to some interesting places.  I wouldn’t change a thing as I am so happy with my life now.  My plan here is to share our journey through life.  We are a homeschooling family so that may be a little of everything.  My youngest son is 6 and finishing up Kindergarten.  He is starting to read and is growing like a weed right now.  Of my 3 older kids 2 are moving out soon along with my grandson and will have one adult left while finishing school.  I spend most of my days with my youngest son and my grandson while his parents work.

It is an interesting time right now.  It is May 2020 and we have spent a majority of this year at home.  We have annual passes to the zoo but can’t go.  We are bringing out takeout home instead of eating at the restaurant.  My husband is working, yet so many people have lost their jobs.  It’s hard to process sometimes.  Covid-19 will be something no one will ever forget.  I stay up to date daily on the current world by reading Facebook posts from a woman named Heather Cox Richardson.   She is a political historian and gives daily updates.

Stay safe and watch for more to come!


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